For our in house label By X21 we chose to dive into the heritage of Japan. While Japan has always had an extremely high influence basically everywhere around the world. From their delicious kitchen up until the impact they’ve maintained to keep making throughout the fashion landscape. The country & it’s people are close to our hearts because of the unique way they approach design, day-to-day life & the beautiful heritage.

To honor the beauty of Japan we’ve tried to capture it in the traditional Ajisai flower which only blooms during Japan’s rain season in June and July. The flower itself represents rigidity, apology and desire for understanding. Things to keep close to the heart.

The Teahouse Tee shows a traditional Japanese teahouse (Koun-tei) located at the Seiryu-en Garden of the Nijō Castle in Kyōto City. The Koun-tei Teahouse dates back to the Edo period of Japan (1603 – 1868). The specific building was originally designed to become a sword foundry but was later transformed into a Japanese Teahouse.

The photograph used for the piece was captured by the homie Dwayne during his round trip through Japan in 2018.

The models used for this campaign are Naijawes & Ayrton.

The Ajisai & Teahouse tee are now available for purchase in our physical Rotterdam store & webshop.